It’s My Birthday But You’re Getting the Gift!

Today is my birthday!!!!


I love birthdays! Not just my own, but everyone else’s birthdays too. I guess to me it’s not so much about celebrating getting older, but rather celebrating life and sharing your life with special people. It is a great reason to once a year celebrate the essence of you. I also love parties! That may be the real reason ūüėČ I’m smack dab in the middle of planning my summer fun and birthday party and can’t wait to show you!


I thought in honor of my birthday and in celebration of all of you, ¬†I’d do a little giveaway. Please note: I have never done a giveaway on here before, so this is BIG!

I’m giving away this pink bib necklace from the Chicks Who Give A Hoot shop!

There are 5 ways to get an entry!

Here’s is how:

  • Follow my blog in Google Reader, Blog Lovin’ or sign up for the email notifications then comment with your name and email address. (This first one is mandatory for the others to count)
  • Follow me on Twitter- @chicksgiveahoot¬†then comment with your name, email and your twitter name.
  • Tweet the following message and then comment with your name, email and a link to your tweet.¬†It’s @chicksgiveahoot birthday and she is celebrating with a giveaway! Enter at
  • Blog about this little giveaway and then comment with your¬†name, email and a link to your blog.
  • Enter the link along with this message in your¬†Facebook and then comment with your name, email and a link to your Facebook post.¬†It’s Sara(h)’s birthday and she is celebrating with a giveaway!
Hurry, I’ll be announcing the winner on the 20th. Good luck!

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So… When are you two going to have babies?


We have been married for over four years and I have been dodging this question ever since we walked down the aisle.¬†I’m so overly sick of hearing it. I believe that many people are just asking as a way to make small talk and are completely harmless. Others however, no matter how they try to wrap it up nice and pretty just want to insert their unsolicited opinion as to the appropriate time for us to completely change our life and family dynamic. No matter how hard I try my response is always cold and blanketed with a fake smile. It’s like they’re asking me to divulge all my life issues and lay it all out so that someone else can determine if we’re ready. The most popular phrase seems to be “if you wait until you’re ready, you’ll never have them.”¬†I guess I just don’t understand when we digressed enough to still believe that everyone fits into the same box. It’s like assuming that the same timeline works for everyone’s life.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

18: Graduate high school and get into a prestigious college

22: Graduate at the top of your class and get the perfect job

23: Find a suitable man to marry

25: Quit your perfect job to have babies and stay home for the rest of your life.

I realize that I am 100% exaggerating and taking things to the extreme, but I have a point to make here. 

We want children. We really do and I respect mothers so much. I even believe that they deserve more respect and appreciation than we could ever possibly hope to give. I honestly hope that I can be a wonderful mom someday. I have dreams of our life as a family; the things we will do, the places we will go and the decisions we will make. I even have names picked out and have nursery themes in mind. I love photography of children and I imagine what our kids will look like, smell like, be like…

Don’t get me wrong on a few things here…

1. If it happened, we would be fine. We would make necessary changes and adapt just like all surprise pregnancies before us.

2. Children born in less than perfect circumstances can still have amazing parents. I’m not saying that if your baby was born without ample planning and you haven’t got all your ducks in a row, you’re not suitable. I’m not saying that at all.

I just think that the responsible thing to do is put yourself in the best possible situation to not only have a baby, but actually raise a child. I take parenting really seriously and when that time is right for us, I know that Sean and I will embrace our roles with all we have. Until then please just accept my answer as someday.


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Thrifting Thursday Vol. 26

Today I wanted to share some of the shelves that I thrifted for my craft room.

This first green one I found to be perfect storage for my thread spools. Not only does it make them easily accessible, but the color blocking it creates is pretty. I’m also a sucker for scalloped edges.

These 2 box shelves were perfect in this small space. It helped me to get some things off my sewing desk so that there is more surface space to work. I don’t have to worry about knocking button jars off and picking them all off the floor. These mason jars with lids help too.

I thought of painting them, but fell in love with the colors as they are. Sometime, no improvement is necessary. These are great as is.

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Vote And Help Me Decide

It’s time for new glasses. I have been putting off for way too long now. My old ones are about 3 years old and they’re all scratched up and the prescription isn’t right anymore. I have been searching for some vintage frames I could just get filled with my lenses, but no luck really. Then I discovered Warby Parker. They have vintage inspired frames and totally in my budget. The best part about ordering their glasses is they let you try on 5 pairs at home for free. I picked out the 5 pairs I wanted to try on and now it’s time to decide on which ones to get. I’m hoping you can help me make my choice.

Thanks for all your help!


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Eco Friendly Drying

I bought this line thinking it would be nice to air and sun dry our clothes sometimes, but in the midst of all of our house drama our dryer is having some difficulty. We have been drying all of our clothes this way for the past month and I have to say that I kinda love it.

I think it’s a great way to use the Arizona sun plus, we can balance out our higher summer electric bill by not using the energy on the dryer. Do you line dry your clothes?

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Thriting Thursday (On Saturday) Vol. 25

Yeah, so Thursday came and went.

So did Friday. Ooops.

Better late than never? Forgive me.

This is something that the mister spotted on one of many recent thrift missions.

I really wanted to hang it above the stove in our kitchen, but there is a concrete wall behind it and I couldn’t even get a pushpin in there. Nothing. I am going to explore some hanging options that are more sticky based rather than hole based. I think there are a few products out there that may work. Suggestions welcome ūüôā ¬†Until then, it will just have to sit here.

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Captain America


We went to see Captain America last night and I have to say I really liked it. Not only was the story captivating, but for me the images of WWII Americana did me in. Anything in that era really melts my heart.

These ones of Hayley Atwell make me want to bust out my curling iron and red lipstick.

All photos from IMDB

I loved this old poster as well. I love old war propaganda. I’m always attracted to the design. If you get a chance to see the movie, it will be worth the time and the money. Plus you can get yourself some movie popcorn. I’m such a sucker for movie popcorn.

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