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Thrifting Thursday Vol. 26

Today I wanted to share some of the shelves that I thrifted for my craft room.

This first green one I found to be perfect storage for my thread spools. Not only does it make them easily accessible, but the color blocking it creates is pretty. I’m also a sucker for scalloped edges.

These 2 box shelves were perfect in this small space. It helped me to get some things off my sewing desk so that there is more surface space to work. I don’t have to worry about knocking button jars off and picking them all off the floor. These mason jars with lids help too.

I thought of painting them, but fell in love with the colors as they are. Sometime, no improvement is necessary. These are great as is.


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Thriting Thursday (On Saturday) Vol. 25

Yeah, so Thursday came and went.

So did Friday. Ooops.

Better late than never? Forgive me.

This is something that the mister spotted on one of many recent thrift missions.

I really wanted to hang it above the stove in our kitchen, but there is a concrete wall behind it and I couldn’t even get a pushpin in there. Nothing. I am going to explore some hanging options that are more sticky based rather than hole based. I think there are a few products out there that may work. Suggestions welcome 🙂  Until then, it will just have to sit here.

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Thrifting Thursday- Vol. 24

With our move complete and moving focus to decorating there are many projects and fun posts in the near future. First and foremost, I’d like to thank all the wonderful ladies who contributed to my blog in the last month. You helped me out in a tremendous way!

Thrifting Thursday is going to be an exceptional time for me over the next several weeks. I have so many things that I have been dying to show you.

I can’t help it, I wanna show you my best find first! I just can’t wait anymore!

Here it is…

I was shopping for a computer desk to go in my office/craft room and I knew I wanted it to be of a mid century flair. We have several mid century furniture stores around town but they’re so far out of my price range it is almost painful to even window shop there.

Lucky me, I stumbled upon this beauty of a desk at a local thrift store and only had to dish out $25!


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Thrifting Thursday- Guest Post Merry May Handmade

Please welcome Ashley from Merry May Handmade back for Thrifting Thursday!

I love love love old embroideries, paint by numbers, and paintings of flowers and animals. There’s nothing better than scoring a gorgeous piece in pristine condition. Here are two of my favorites. And I didn’t spend more than $15 for the two! Yesss!!

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Thrifting Thursday- Guest Blogger Jessica of The Doe or the Deer

Jessica is back again this week to share for Thrifting Thursday!

  • Thrifted? Fiberglass shell chairs
  • Found? Drove past a yard sale after a maternity photo shoot I had just done for a couple. I spotted 20 of them out of the corner of my eye and had to immediately pull over to check them out, WITH the couple I just shot in the car… They were negotiated down to $80 bucks for 4 and my clients paid for them as a tip for my services!
  • Now lives? They are now happily living in my dining room, paired with my Danish Mid-Century Moller table.
  • Regret? Not buying more… I went back the next day to get a couple more and BOOM, they were ALL gone.  Sad.


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Thrifting Thursday- Guest Blogger Roxy of grrfeisty

Hey look! Roxy of grrfeisty decided to come back again!

Hi again, Roxy here of

Last year, Daniel and I road tripped  to Eureka Springs, Arkansas by way of Texas and Oklahoma.On the way we stopped in a handful of tiny towns to explore the sites and shops. One of my most exciting home purchases was in Eureka Springs. If you have never been and are able to go, I highly recommend it. Almost everything you’d want to see is walking distance! There are so many shops, bars, and places to stay. We stayed in tree house cottages– so rad!

Speaking of trees. Here is what I found in a little antique shop in Arkansas 🙂


At the time Daniel and I had just moved into our home and were decorating it with trees, owls, and all things nature. So these pieces fit in very well 🙂

Another 2010 find is this antique key. I purchased it while traveling through Greece last summer.

I love how heavy and big it is….This is definitely a piece I am fascinated by. Who used it? – to which room…or cell? It’s just exciting to wonder about 🙂

Good luck searching for your treasures! I hope you stumble upon something awesome 🙂


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Thrifting Thursday Vol. 20- Guest Blogger Meredith

Continuing her contributions this week Meredith is back for Thrifting Thursday. I love seeing what other people have found in their thrifting adventures.

It’s often hard for me to focus on décor items when thrifiting.  It’s like shoving a kid in a candy store and telling them they can only sample orange candy.  I usually am pulled towards the clothing my bent closet bar can attest, however I have found some good home décor finds over the years.

To carry on my butterfly theme I inherited these vintage 70’s painted canvas butterflies that I put on my door.

 Maps and globes have more than a soft spot in my heart, and I’ve had two wonderful vintage globe finds!  These will help me remember where the USSR and Czechoslovakia are in the future!

My most recent find is this lovely sewing catch-all box.  I love the hand painted detail.

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