Handmade Holiday- Applique Pillow

I thought for this next edition of Handmade Holiday I’d try something for the home. This can make a great gift to give away or keep for yourself.

First decide what size you would like your pillow to be. I would recommend basing it off another pillow you have at home, measuring the dimensions of that pillow and cut two pieces of fabric that size. I wanted an oblong pillow for mine, so I cut my pieces in that shape.

Next cut your trees out of three different holiday fabrics. The best way to do this is fold the piece of fabric in half so that the tree is symmetrical.  I decided to make a large, medium and small, but you can cut them how you like and whatever fits best on your pillow.

You should iron them out and then pin them on one of the larger pieces of fabric according to how you want them arranged.

Next stitch the trees onto the fabric staying as close to the outside of the tree as possible without going off the edge.

Then take the tree stitched fabric and the other side of your pillow and pin them together with the trees facing inside the pillow. Stitch all around 3 sides of the pillow.

Flip the pillow inside out and stuff with filling.

Next, fold the open sides in and pin together making sure that no fabric edges are exposed.

Sew a straight stitch where you have pinned the pillow closed in a matching thread so it won’t be noticeable. Enjoy your new pillow!


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