Vote And Help Me Decide

It’s time for new glasses. I have been putting off for way too long now. My old ones are about 3 years old and they’re all scratched up and the prescription isn’t right anymore. I have been searching for some vintage frames I could just get filled with my lenses, but no luck really. Then I discovered Warby Parker. They have vintage inspired frames and totally in my budget. The best part about ordering their glasses is they let you try on 5 pairs at home for free. I picked out the 5 pairs I wanted to try on and now it’s time to decide on which ones to get. I’m hoping you can help me make my choice.

Thanks for all your help!



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5 responses to “Vote And Help Me Decide

  1. chAd

    I say 2 or 5, but I’m leaning towards 2 ’cause of their two tone-ness.

  2. I vote for #5 !!! But I have to say you look so CUTE and STYLISH in every pair!!!

  3. 1 or 4! I love them!

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