Phoenix Theatre’s Hormel New Works Festival

This weekend is one of those working kind of weekends. The ones where you don’t expect to really get anything else done. The laundry will pile up and my life will mostly be placed on hold. This week has been crazy busy for me at work in my day job life. Working on last minute deadlines and projects to prepare for the New Works Festival has been my life. I’m certainly not complaining because if I’m going to put in a long work week, I’m glad it is getting people to check out all the New Works Festival here at Phoenix Theatre. If you’re in the Phoenix area I really hope you’ll make it down to the festival. There are 4 main staged readings and so many other offerings. If you’re not in the area, you can live stream many of the events from the festival by through the Livestream Website. Tickets are only $10 and there is a VIP Pass available for a chance to see it all.

Check out some of my kinetic typography work in this promo video.

More information and a full schedule of events can be found at the Phoenix Theatre Website.

I will be around the entire festival so say hello if you stop by!


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