Having a Kid-friendly Home-Guest Blogger Jessica of The Doe or the Deer

This is going to sound uber cheesy… I have a blog crush on Jessica. Then I got to meet her at the AZ Blogger Meetup. She was debating making the trip from her home in CA over Twitter prior to the event and I was secretly hoping that she would come. She made it and I got to hang out with her (even if I was too giddy and embarrassed to REALLY chat). Anyways… I’m so super happy to have Jessica as a guest here this week. If you haven’t been over to The Doe or the Deer, get your little booty over there STAT!

I just want to thank Sara for letting me share a little piece of my home while she moves to her new digs. Happy unpacking!

I’m super passionate about interior design and especially when it involves having a kid-friendly home. Believe it or not, playrooms do not need to be filled with unattractive, primary colored, plastic toy filled spaces. In fact they can coexist with your personal style. Not that a few tacky toys aren’t hanging around, but I keep those in their bedroom… 😉

With this space, I focused on storage. Anywhere I can stash puzzles, books, craft supplies and everything else child related, I took advantage. The sideboard, cabinet and side tables all have drawers, shelves and other hidden nooks in them. Easy to hide the mess, when grown up company comes over.

Color wise I had to keep it neutral since I have a son and daughter. I added some pops of color with my red velvet couch, striped rug and playful pillows to make the room less “blah beige”.

Decor wise I wanted to be all about the kids. Large framed photographs on the vaulted wall take up the large blank space. (Which we are still adding too.)

Above the couch I created an art gallery for my daughter, using a couple nails, twine and clothespins. I also added some of my vintage doilies and a homemade dream catcher to line to break up the monotony of paintings.

The goal of this room was to make it easily accessible for my children to explore, learn and create to their hearts content. The “other” goal was to be able to keep my sanity around kiddo clutter. Mission accomplished (most of the time)!

Room details:

Couch, rug, child’s chair, table lamp, pillows, drapes, hedgehog floor pillow, frames: Ikea

Side tables, sideboard, cabinet, globe, floor lamp: vintage


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