The Art of the Diaper Cake

I just can’t stay away! I miss you guys too much. So… in the middle of all these lovely guest posts, I had something to share.

Baby Showers- Everyone has them and everyone goes to them. Like most things, I can’t bring myself to just buy something off the registry. While incredibly practical, it’s not my style. I have made diaper cakes for the past two baby showers that I have attended. While there are many different styles to diaper cakes, I prefer to keep it simple and to a theme. I also think it is important to keep in mind the style of the parents, just like any gift a little thoughtfulness goes a long way.

Here is the diaper cake I made for a girl’s shower.

Here is the diaper cake I made for a boy’s shower.

Both are made using rolled up diapers and rubber bands along with custom sewed fabric covers and handmade gifts to embellish them.  Next time I will remember to take pictures of the process and do a true DIY for you.



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2 responses to “The Art of the Diaper Cake

  1. I love diaper cakes and these ones are adorable! I love how you sewed the fabric covers for them!

  2. Hello Sarah! I found your blog over at Oh So Lovely Vintage. Love this post by the way. Diaper cakes are great gifts! Thanks for sharing,


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