The Music Room- Guest Blogger Roxy of grrfeisty

HEY! Guess what!! I’m over the moon excited that one of my favorite bloggers decided to grace us with a guest spot here on my little blog today! Meet Roxy, (and Sampson)! Thanks so much for contributing Roxy! If you don’t already read her blog, you should head over there and add it to your daily reads:)


Hiya! I’m Roxy from  Sara has been kind enough let me fill her blog with photographs of my home 🙂

When Daniel and I moved in to our home together, I was really excited. We got to start from scratch and he was kind enough to let me do most of the decorating. We are your typical couple in regards that I fashioned our home…and he created his man cave. 🙂

I have several “home tour” posts on my own blog, but I just wanted to give you a glimpse into one of my favorite rooms in the house….the “music room.”

I am not the musician in this home – although I used to be a choir geek, and am now a complete “gleek!” [or maybe more of a Warbler fan as of late ;)]

My favorite parts of this room are the tree decals and the lighting. Any time I need to take any product photographs, or just fun “what I wore” photos, I tend to choose this room. It’s in the front of the house where the most light hits. I also love our record player. My favorite album is an old Nat King Cole record I used to listen to as a child when I lived with my parents and grandparents.

Most of the time Sampson, our largest and most amazing watch dog, sits in the big green chair, guarding our lovely home  But every once in a while I will join him.

Whether he wants me to or not 🙂

I hope you enjoyed your mini-tour! Thanks again, Sara, for letting me crash your blog 🙂



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