Thrifting Thursday Vol. 20- Guest Blogger Meredith

Continuing her contributions this week Meredith is back for Thrifting Thursday. I love seeing what other people have found in their thrifting adventures.

It’s often hard for me to focus on décor items when thrifiting.  It’s like shoving a kid in a candy store and telling them they can only sample orange candy.  I usually am pulled towards the clothing my bent closet bar can attest, however I have found some good home décor finds over the years.

To carry on my butterfly theme I inherited these vintage 70’s painted canvas butterflies that I put on my door.

 Maps and globes have more than a soft spot in my heart, and I’ve had two wonderful vintage globe finds!  These will help me remember where the USSR and Czechoslovakia are in the future!

My most recent find is this lovely sewing catch-all box.  I love the hand painted detail.


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