Size Doesn’t Matter- Guest Blogger Meredith

My good friend Meredith is kicking off my series of guest bloggers over the course of the next several weeks while we complete our big move. The madness has officially began and I’m so grateful for these special ladies offering up their advice and a peek into their homes.

Be sure to visit Meredith over at her blog.

Thanks a ton for contributing Meredith…


Since leaving high school and striking west almost six years ago, I’ve lived in six different apartments. I also went from having six boxes to move to overfilling a U-Haul and my own car. Let’s just say that moving has become almost a hobby for me and I’ve become quite a pro at it.  At this point I almost get a high from packing up and starting somewhere new, even if it is only 3 miles away.


The most exciting aspect of moving is being able to decorate a new space and make it feel like home.  It has been a hot minute since I’ve lived in a home, let a lone a spacious apartment, so my tiny abodes have driven me to become as creative as possible in my decorating.


Here are my tips for decorating and organizing a small space when you have a lot of crap:

1.  Find ways to hide things

Anything with a lid/cover/shield is your friend.  My bookshelves house more than just books, most of my tchotchkies find there way in some nook and cranny.  In order to make the chaos seem orderly, I bought canvas bins to fit into the shelves.  This not only lets me store more stuff, it keeps it all nice and hidden.  Also I’ve bought many different types of storage bins to help double as night stands/shelves while hiding random odds and ends.  The best storage item that I bought recently was a small chest with a vintage map print on it – this puts my plastic storage bins to shame.


2.  Stick to one theme

It is easy to get carried away with design schemes when you are decorating, which is great if you have multiple rooms to have at it; however when you are decorating a small space it is good to stick with one theme or idea to make sure that the space makes sense.  If your space makes sense then it will look more organized automatically.  Sticking to one theme doesn’t mean that you cannot incorporate multiple design elements, just make sure they all flow.


3.  Bring in the color

An apartment typically means medical office off-white walls that you are tempted to paint, but the thought of having to paint the walls back prior to moving out prevents you from even shopping the swatches.  Never fear my monochrom-a-phobes, there are many ways to bring color and life into a space.  I painted some plastic butterflies that adhere to the wall via magnetic nails, and placed them in clusters on my walls.  To carry on that theme I strung several strands of paper butterflies along my ceiling and tack board.  This not only brought in color but tied everything back to my theme.


Just because a space is small doesn’t mean it needs to be short on design.  Don’t let a lack of square footage get in the way of your creativity!


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