Thrifting Thursday- Vol 18

We just got back from our trip to Oklahoma a few days ago and while I thought I would keep a regular blog schedule,  it never happened. I really should be more realistic with myself and I might end up less disappointed. More trip posts to come soon 🙂

We drug my family around to all of the thrift and antique stores while we were out in OK. I’m not sure if they had ever been to any of them before, but we wanted to capitalize on being in a new city and see some new places. Here are some of the great finds from our trip.

I scored majorly on purses this time around. I found a Betsy Johnson shoulder bag! Can you believe it? I think this may be my best find to date!

I kept finding these type of bags all over the place in OK. I think it was strange how many I came across. I settled for getting just one.

We got a few other things, but I will save those for next week.


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  1. Talk about a total score!! A true Besteyville bag!! My heart be still!! Lovely, my darling!! Just lovely! Enjoy it!! So pretty!

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