Adventures of Crafty Girl

Dear Craft Girl,

My Sunglasses collection is over the top and out of control. They’re everywhere all over my house, my car, my purses, and my life. There really isn’t a good way to store them. I have considered getting one of those commercial spinners that you see in the stores, but they’re so expensive. My husband shares the same love of this accessory and so it simply doubles the problem. Can you help me?


Accessory Addict

Dear Accessory Addict,

First of all, you should seek help for your uncontrollable desire to buy something you already have 20 versions of. Second, I can help. Being a crafty girl, I love DIY. Its is kinda my thing. I happen to remember a DIY project a while back that would simply be perfect for your… eh, problem. You can find the original DIY post here. All you need for my version of this DIY is a picture frame, some spray paint, bias tape, and a staple gun. There you have it. The perfect economical, crafty and space saving solution to your plethora of sunglasses.



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2 responses to “Adventures of Crafty Girl

  1. What a great idea! you could hang so many other things on there as well 🙂 I might have to steal this one…

  2. That really *is* an epic number of sunglasses! Good idea for storage.

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