Interview with Black Mamba Meredith

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to introduce you to a very special friend of mine who has finally graced us with her presence in the wide world of blogging.  I’d love to tell you all how wonderful she is, but I’m going to let her witty words tell her own story.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

Meet Meredith Petro aka Black Mamba

Sara(h)- Meredith, tell us more about your blog.

Meredith- The Black Mamba Craft Chronicles is a log of my creation adventures through the eyes of my alter crafting ego. I have been crafting since I could say, “glue gun”, and have made everything from macramé plant hangers to evening gowns. I decided it was time to spread the creativity around and give my readers an inside look into my crazy crafting world as well as inspire them to get down and dirty with the crafting tool of their choice. Nothing makes me feel more alive than taking what is around me and making something brand new, and hopefully that comes across in my blog.

Sara(h)- How would you describe your day job?

Meredith- CRAZY, insane, fast-paced, in-your-face intensity, multilingual, challenging and my passion in life ☺ I am a technical designer which means I am a garment engineer of sorts. I take the designer’s vision and make sure it comes to life. My favorite part of my job is the fitting process where we try the sample on a model and pin the corrections that are needed to get the correct fit. Once the fitting is over I use photos, manual pattern corrections and a little bit of math mixed with Chinglish to communicate the corrections to our factories in China. The hope is that we get an amazing product, in a timely matter at the right price.

Sara(h)- Where did you get your education and how do you feel that has helped and/or been an obstacle in your creative life?

Meredith- I have two degrees from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA. There were definitely times where I was doing projects with very restrictive requirements, but what was most important about those projects were the skills I was learning. If anything, those skills that I learned help me to find new and better ways to execute all of the creative visions dancing in my head.

Sara(h)- How do you find the balance between the corporate world of clothing and your own personal voice?

Meredith- The clothing and everything else that I create IS the balance for my corporate job. It is the way that I reconcile my day job pumping mass-produced cheap clothing for middle America.

Sara(h)- Why the name Black Mamba?

Meredith- Black Mamba is the codename that Uma Therman assumes in my favorite film – Kill Bill. She kicks international crime ass in the film, I kick international crafting ass so I thought it was a fitting name for my alter crafting ego.

Sara(h)- How has life changed since moving out to LA?

Meredith- Adjusting to the LA lifestyle is certainly not for the faint of heart or the close-minded, but once you’re in it, it is as difficult to leave as a gang. I find LA to be extremely stimulating and it inspires me creatively each day. It is a weird kind of crazy/beautiful when you remove the things people usually talk about- the smog, the traffic, the celebrities, the tourists…
I love going back to my former homes in Ohio and Arizona and experience “normalcy”, but I’m always happy to return to where I feel most at home- Los Angeles.

Sara(h)- What can we expect to see on The Black Mamba Craft Chronicles?

Meredith- The primary focus will always be the art of crafing, but I love throwing in random musings, inspiration pieces, fabulous outfits and other things that I find to be awesome. The Craft Chronicles are a look inside my crazy world, and I hope I can find some readers who will be along for the ride!

Please, Please, Please go check out Meredith’s blog and tell her hi for me. I can’t wait to keep up with her adventures and I hope you’ll come along.


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