Thrifting Thursday Vol. 15

A few weeks back I was visiting one of my favorite charity thrift stores when I spotted an in brand new condition Brother Surger for just $40. Now $40 is usually a bit steep for me, clearly I’m cheap or frugal or thrifty as I would prefer to call myself, but a brand new surger can run in the $300 range. This was a great deal, but I just didn’t have the cash. Whenever I’m thrifting, if I find something I like and decide not to take it home for whatever reason, I have to sever ties with it right then and there because there is not much of a chance that it will sit on the shelf for very long.

Much to my surprise, it was still there THREE weeks later! I just couldn’t pass it up a second time and had a little extra cash from some freelance work. I brought this little beauty home with me.

I can’t wait to plug her in and get started.


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One response to “Thrifting Thursday Vol. 15

  1. Ooh, how exciting! I found a beautiful pistachio singer sewing machine for $15. Unfortunately I know nothing about sewing machines and couldn’t really figure out if the thing was in working condition… so I left it. I’ve pined for it and even went back to see if it was still there (which it wasn’t) but c’est la vie, right? =)
    Happy Saturday! ❤ MuffinLovesBiscuit

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