Thrifting Thursday- Vol. 14

Ha… I have been on the look out for a salad shooter ever since I moved out of my mom’s house at the ripe ol’ age of 18. Well friends, much to my dismay, they don’t make them anymore. I tried to find one when we were doing our wedding registry and I couldn’t believe that this wonderful kitchen appliance staple ceased to exist. Until TODAY!!! All alone on a thrift store shelf stood the end to my long lost quest.

I can’t wait to grade some cheese at the push of a button.



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2 responses to “Thrifting Thursday- Vol. 14

  1. Angela Hatcher

    good find they have newer ones now like salad express or something I saw something like it on QVC.. but I cannot watch that channel….gets me in trouble. Now we will have to make salads!

  2. wait, what does a salad shooter do???

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