Soapbox – One Day Without Shoes

Hey friends… I was thinking.

I blog for a ton of reasons like having a creative outlet, sharing my projects, connecting with other people, but it seems this little space has given me something I didn’t ever really think of until recently. A platform.

In addition to my regular blogging posts, I have decided to add a new feature. I’m calling it “Soapbox.” I imagine myself standing on a large soapbox in the middle of a busy intersection, crowded with people and a megaphone in hand shouting to all who will listen and demanding attention.

There has always been a special place in my heart for non-profits. I even went to school with the intention of working in community relations, so that I could be involved in getting the word out. This feature will be a way for me to shed light on organizations and people who are doing amazing things for this world and deserve the recognition. This way I can invite everyone to join in their efforts and we can all initiate change.

To kick off my new feature… One Day Without Shoes

Tom’s Shoes is asking everyone to consider what it would be like to go barefoot all of the time by spending one day without shoes. Tomorrow (April 5th 2011) will be the annual One Day Without Shoes campaign in an effort to raise awareness about the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life by taking off our own. The idea is that not wearing your shoes will produce curiosity from others which will motivate conversation, action and eventually change.

In developing countries, children must walk miles without shoes putting them at risk for injury, infection and soil-transmitted diseases. All of these are 100%  preventable by wearing shoes. Many children are also denied access to education as shoes are required to attend school.

OKAY… This is how you can get involved!

Visit this website for more information on setting up your own team of non-shoe wearing participants.

If by any chance you’re in the Phoenix area, our favorite little shop Frances is hosting a barefoot walk to Lux Coffee Shop at 9am. Register by calling 602.279.5467 and join the walk.

I hope that you will get involved any way you can and help bring some light to such a worthy cause.



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2 responses to “Soapbox – One Day Without Shoes

  1. kat

    I’ve done two barefoot walks and they were really a great experiance. The walks were actually with the band Hanson, for ever person that walked they donate a dollar to different organizations that support Africa, like TOMs, AIDS research and other fondations. TOMs is such a great organization and not only are they cute shoes but they are for an amazing cause! Thanks for the reminder about the day without shoes, I’ll being letting my feet go naked as much as possible tomorrow!

  2. Rasha

    Yes. LOVE this!

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