Thrifting Thursday Vol. 11

This week I bought a toy that provided endless entertainment all for a dollar!

Sean found something to suite his fancy too.

Do you remember Pogs?

Yup, we’re still a pair of kids.



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5 responses to “Thrifting Thursday Vol. 11

  1. ummmmm…. in case you didn’t know…. you are freakin’ awesome!
    totally loved meeting you and we should definitely get together again my dearie!!

  2. Ahh! Pogs!! I love it. Brings me back to the days when kids would get in trouble for “gambling” with them in elementary school.

  3. kat

    EEK! POGS! we were just talking about that the other day ^_^

  4. Rasha

    This is great and i loved meeting you!

  5. FOUND YOU. Hi, this is Laura!

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