What’s on Your Fridge?

I’m always fascinated with what people put on their refrigerators. When I lived at home (I still say that meaning my mom’s house) I always put up a high scoring paper, even in high school. We always had pictures and fun handmade things on the fridge. It was like the family catch-all for art. I think you can tell a ton about a family by looking at their fridge.

Here is mine…

1. This picture is from our honeymoon in Cancun

2. A picture of the Mcrae family. Read all about their story here

3. The wedding invitation to my dear friend’s big day

4. Some of the many pictures of my siblings I have all over

5. A picture of the little girl Aissatou who we support through World Vision

6. The Christmas card from my closest cousin and her little family. I introduced them here.

7. The New Years card my mom sent out. (She was a little behind this year.) Shows my crazy family 🙂

8.  The program from an exhibit at The Phoenix Art Museum featuring actual clothing from the World War 2 era.

9.  A picture of Sean and I on Halloween a few years ago. He was a vampire and I was Betty Boop.

10. A flyer from the Need to Breathe concert we saw a while back. Love this band! Easily one of the best live shows I have ever seen and I have seen tons.


I’d like to have a little link party please. Take a picture of your fridge, blog it and let us know some highlights. Leave the link to your blog in the comments so we can all come visit you.

I’m always game for a party and I would use any excuse to have one. Won’t you join me?



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2 responses to “What’s on Your Fridge?

  1. Fun idea! I wish I had some more time to take some photos today, but here are a couple links to past posts….

    There’s a link to a diy magnet tutorial in here:

    And a mouth watering shot of the inside of my fridge here:

    Have a great Wednesday!

  2. This is a such a cute idea I think I will have to join in. I have a lot of material since my husband is sorta obsessed with covering every inch of the fridge 🙂
    P.S. I stumbled over here via Sometimes Sweet while browsing through the blogger meet up comments. Hope to see you there 🙂

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