Custom Wedding Invites

Do you remember when I took these engagement photos?

Well… Up to her knees in wedding planning when she wasn’t sure she wanted a wedding at all, Dawn Rochelle tried to scour the internet for the perfect wedding invitation. She wanted something that well represented her and her man, wasn’t expensive and didn’t lead guests to believe that this was going to be an “all-out event of the century, fancy-smancy, over the top, spend the next ten years getting out of debt” sort of wedding.

Nothing was fitting and Dawn was about to say forget inviting people, until…

I swooped in with a recommendation.

“Why don’t you let me design them for you?”

To which Dawn replied “Go for it.”

I did and this is what came of it.

The Front

The Back



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4 responses to “Custom Wedding Invites

  1. Mal

    great invites! they look beautiful and so do the pictures!

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