Mediocrity, USA



Right now I live in Mediocrity.

I’m not sure how I ended up here because I was aiming to live in many different places.

Among my top choices were:




I look around and there are so many people who live here and are so blissful in their daily residence in Mediocrity. Its like the middle of the road is where their sights were set all along. I just have to wonder if its all a facade and they were aiming for some place else and just accepted that this is where they would spend the rest of their days. Sometimes I wish I could feel that way. You know, satisfied and content with this place.

I’d be kidding myself. I see others living in places I want to be. Young and talented with the world at their fingertips living in such fabulous places like Exceptional, Extraordinary and Unusual. I want to live in those places too.

There is just this criteria that sits over my head and it feels like its is keeping me here in Mediocrity. It tells me things like…

You’re just average and duplicative.

You’re a follower and not a trend-setter.

Your ideas are done better by others.

Time is passing you by.

Its hard not to listen to that but I have to admit that I feel like I’m just trying to find the place I belong and its not here in Mediocrity. I have such big plans and outrageous dreams. Sooner or later I will write you from my new home in Unique, Innovative or Impressive.


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  1. Mom

    Mediocrity? You should not even know how to spell it my dear! I can’t wait to visit you in your new home in Unique, Innovative and Impressive. I will bring dessert!

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