Project Restyle- 1920’s Gala Dress

So… This past Saturday was the much-anticipated Gala for my theater.

Every year we all put a ton of work into the event and pray that we make enough money to put up another season of amazing classical theatre. This year we decided on an 1920’s art deco theme and invited our guests to share in the fun. I was really surprised to find that many people took on our challenge and dressed to theme. I, of course, never pass up the opportunity to play dress up.


My dilemma was in what to wear. I needed a dress that looked the part without costing much. I was thrilled when I found a dress at a local thrift store for just $1 but not so thrilled when I realized it was a bit too small. I also thought it could use a little more 20’s detail. Being that I’m not so great at sewing clothes, I was a bit intimidated to take on such a project. I bought my $1 dress and thought that if I messed it up totally, then my investment was not enough to make me upset. I cut the bottom panel off and used it to create a strip that runs down the back making the dress a bit bigger. Then I used the rest of the panel and button detail over the top layer of ruffles.

Here is the dress before and after.


I was able to get my hair done in finger waves for the event and was amazed at the amount of places I had to call just to find someone who knew what I was talking about.  I told you I go all out.

It was a great night and I had a ton of fun dressing the part.



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  1. Mom

    Very nice….. I expect nothing less that you to have fun at a party… pretty in pink!

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