Thrifting Thursday Vol. 6


1. Wooden tray with ceramic tile

2. Top Hat VHS

3. Owl Figurine

4. Vintage pillowcase

5. Ceramic oil burner

6. A Bedazzler


This week was a successful thrifting venture. I came away with some things that I just LOVE. If you have never seen the movie Top Hat, put it on your Netflix queue now! It is my favorite old movie and I can’t believe I saw it. I don’t normally check out the video section, but I just so happened to see it out of the corner of my eye and I think I gasped out loud. I also was super excited to find a Bedazzler! I was looking for one back when I was planning my 80’s outfit for Sean’s birthday party, but I didn’t have any luck. The next time I get the need to add some bling to something, I will be set.


What did you find this week?




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2 responses to “Thrifting Thursday Vol. 6

  1. A bedazzler!?!?! Awesome, freaking, awesome!! Just imagine the possibilities!

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