Rags Over Riches- Ruffle Necklace

I’m sure like many other crafters out there, I see something in a shop or online and I think “I can make that for WAY less money than what they’re asking.

I found this necklace in my February issue of Real Simple. I thought it was really cute but not really worth the $42 price tag. I don’t know, that just seems like a lot of money to me.


After poking around online a bit I began to see more and more styles of ruffle necklaces that were just outrageous in price.  This one is priced at $169!


I decided to pull out some fabric that I already had in my stash and play around with a few different styles of ruffles to see what I could come up with. Here  is what I made.

***Please note that I did find many Etsy sellers that are making beautiful ruffle necklaces and selling them for absolutely reasonable prices.***


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