This Old House

Across the street from where we live, there is this little old house. By anyone else’s standards it would be considered an eye sore for all of the development that surrounds it. I have never thought it that at all. I have actually been quite fascinated by it. It seems to tell a story. I just always figured that the person who owned all of the land was holding out for a higher price because it is literally sitting right in between two beautiful condo and apartment complexes. I had been wanting to venture over to this little house for some time, but was always nervous about the large fences that surrounded it. A few weeks ago the fences were taken down. This told me two things. 1. Here is your chance to just mosey on over there and take your pictures, explore and dream up what story lies in the walls of that house. 2. You better hurry because when fences come down, it usually means there are plans in motion.

Scared that if I waited too long I would come home one day to find the house bulldozered and gone. I finally decided to venture over there with Dawn for some pictures and exploration opportunities after reading this post and this post. All I could think about after reading these was my little house begging me to come say hello.

The house has the most lovely built ins ever! I bet this one was stunning back when the house was lived in.



It even had an old barn and livestock pen.

It had a large chicken coop out back. By Dawn’s standards it was great! I don’t know a ton about chicken coops, but apparently this one is legit.

It had a clothing line on the side.

I bet a really happy family once lived in this house and I can only imagine how charming it was in its day.


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