The Adventures of Crafty Girl- Vol. 1 Ed. 1

Armed with a sewing machine, some other craft room staples and some good ol’ fashion creative heroism, Crafty Girl can defeat some of the biggest obstacles known to a household.

Dear Crafty Girl-

I desperately need your help. My kitchen is small and my storage options are limited. My pantry and the top of my refrigerator are bursting out onto the floor and there is no room for anything. The biggest problem is the serving dishes, pitchers and things that aren’t used as often. I’m not tall enough to stack them appropriately, so when I move one thing all of them fall on my head. Here are some pictures of my problem. Crafty Girl, I sure hope that you can save the day on this one.


Dealing with an Avalanche

Dear Dealing with an Avalanche,

I am here to rescue you from your mountain of misplaced kitchen objects. With some organization and re purposed space, we can make this into the perfect storage solution. Watch out as I defeat the avalanche!

With only a curtain rod and some cute fabric, I fashioned this creative way to use your space above the cabinets without making it look ugly. I also added a vintage train case for extra storage and color on top of the refrigerator.

The bags were OUT OF CONTROL here! All I did was reorganize the space on the bottom and move some things around. Now the door can actually close. I also brought in this little step stool to help you reach things on the very top shelf. I’m so glad that I could help!

Creatively Yours,

Crafty Girl


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