Handmade Gifts Rock- Brittany

Meet my little sister Brittany!

She is 18 years old and one little firecracker. She plays by her own rules and is just fine with that. She reminds me that I don’t have to live by anyone else’s standards but my own. Its an exciting time in her life and she is figuring out what she really wants. She has toyed with the idea of doing hair and I selfishly hope that she decides on that so I can get the big sister discount on regularly expensive hair services.

Meet the gift!

Brittany’s favorite color has always been yellow and we share a love for purses. We even have a few that are the same without even realizing it. We just showed up at the same place with the same purse. I guess that should be embarrassing, but since we weren’t at an award show I thought it was neat that we still kinda have the same style on some things. I just made sense to make her a purse for her birthday.


Here is the final product.

Here we are at ages 2 and 9 (I think).

Here we are again just a month ago.

I know that Britt will just do amazing things with her life one day and I can’t wait to see her take this world by storm.  Doesn’t she rock?



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One response to “Handmade Gifts Rock- Brittany

  1. Love that purse! Love sisters doing it for themselves. Have to see if I can make something like that purse now!

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