Thrifting Thursday- Vol. 2


Look what I found this week!

1.  Reader’s Digest Complete Do-it-yourself Manual (Published in 1973)

2. Good Things with Martha Stewart Living- Tag Sales and Flea Markets

3. Singer Sewing Series for Home and Fashion (Published in 1972)

4. Home Decorating Solutions

5. Vintage floral sheet

6. Mini vase

7. Vintage floral ceramic plates

8. “Marriage is a Mutual Misunderstanding” wooden sign

9. Men’s Puma running shoes


Did you thrift this week?


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One response to “Thrifting Thursday- Vol. 2

  1. Summer

    I totally have the readers digest do it yourself guide….my husband got it for me at..dun dun dun……..Goodwill. 🙂 And I am super jealous of your Singer sewing book. 🙂

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