This Chick is Off the Market- Dawn and Eli Engagement

I have done a few engagement photo shoots the past several months and every time I do one, it leads to another. I never really considered myself to be a photographer although I am highly inspired by photography and desire to create it myself. I have only had my SLR for less than a year and am by no means a pro at it, but I have a good time. When one of my very best friends and other half of Chicks Who Give a Hoot, our shop launching in the Spring (more on that later) asked me to take her engagement photos, I couldn’t wait to charge my battery. Here are some of my favorite shots from our shoot.


I really hope that more and more opportunities like this one come my way and I can continue to get better and better.



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4 responses to “This Chick is Off the Market- Dawn and Eli Engagement

  1. beautiful photos!!
    i had to pop by after reading your comment on my blog. that is EXACTLY when i feel silly for taking so many photos of myself. if ivan is looking through my camera for something he laughs at me when he sees all my photoshoots. he thinks it’s cute but i’m like ‘don’t look at those!!’ hehe 🙂

  2. Mom

    I love the originality!! Just like the people on both sides of the camera!!

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