Craft Fair Catch Up

I visited two lovely craft fairs in December and have been wanting to share them for a while, but with the Holidays steam-rollering me this year, I got behind.



This was voted the best indie craft fair by The Phoenix New Times and I was planning on going as soon as I heard the date. Then I read that a few of my favorite blog/shops would be there as well; it was set in stone. I feel like Phoenix kinda gets left out of the national arts and crafts scene sometimes and deserves some recognition. We have some seriously talented people living here and the indie art scene is exploding. I mean head downtown on any first Friday of the month and you’ll see what I mean.  Anyways, I was really happy to attend this event. I met some wonderful people and picked up fantastic finds to complete my Christmas shopping. Here is a peak at the event and some of the most amazing artists.


First and foremost is the lovely Frances. This place is one of my favorites downtown. It is full of such beautiful things and is eye candy overload.  Crafeteria was held in the Frances parking lot, so it was a perfect opportunity to shop the store as well as the fair.

Luncheonette Press

I met a wonderful Lady named Nancy. She didn’t have any cards made up, but what she did have was some lovely letter press posters. Her collection is based around the art of meal preparation and encouraging people to prepare and enjoy a meal with their families.

Seesaw Designs

Clearly I’m a sucker for a good letter press. I have seen many and Seesaw Designs is in my top favorites. I just can’t get over how beautiful some of the designs are and how they translate hand-printed aesthetic into graphic design. They have done work for some very high profile clients as well as wedding invitations and personal events. I loved looking at the actual press that they brought out to the event.

Cherry Bombin’ Wear

Angela of Cherry Bombin’ Wear has an amazing brand of accessories that are all made out of bicycle tubes! That’s right, she fashions old used tire tubes into some of the coolest stuff. I recognized Angela’s brand right away because I have bought a few of her things from Whole Foods. I could go on and on about how cool I think it is to have her stuff sold there, but I would rather go on to tell you about how cool she is in person. She was very gracious, personable and allowed me to take all the pictures I wanted. Head over to her shop or your local Whole Foods and pick up something awesome!

Merry May Handmade

I have been following Merry May Handmade for some time and I was excited to see that she would be showing her vintage wears at the fair. I was able to meet her and I think she was happy to see a blog reader in person.


Renegade Craft Fair


I have been following Renegade for quite a while. Every summer it seems like all my favorite blogs and shops are gearing up for the show and the travel that comes along with it. Many of my favorite bloggers and craft extraordinariness pack up and tackle multiple cities, one right after another. I want in! With a desire to have a shop of my own one day, I have dreamed about Renegade playing a huge part of that. I needed to check it out for myself. I somehow managed to convince almost my whole family to pack up and go with me to the Holiday Renegade in LA. We took off about 5am and made it to LA barely after it opened. I was in utter awe the entire time and I was so happy that I finally got to experience it first hand. There were so many shops there, but I was still able to keep my brain focused enough to capture some pictures and share some shops.

There were all kinds of workshops and craft booths that allowed people to participate.

My mom and I made some awesome ornaments at one of the craft booths.

There was a sewing machine that was only powered by the bicycle and people were making tote bags out of old t-shirts.

Miles to Go Clothing

This was such a great shop and a refreshing concept. Greg designs all of his clothing based off of literature. This was easily one of my favorite booths. I bought The Invisible Man shirt from him while I was there and bought his Hamlet shirt from last season’s collection off his website when I got home. He is also based out of Phoenix, so that makes him awesome!


I just loved everything this cute booth was selling. I actually bought most of my Christmas gifts from them.

Mahar Drygoods

Mahar Drygoods sells some of the cutes things for kids. I really wanted to have more babies on my gift list so that I could take some of these things home with me.

I really had the best time at both of these fairs and was so proud to be spending my money buying Christmas gifts from handmade shops.  I met so many wonderful people and found inspiration at every turn.



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  1. Yay! We are so happy you made it to LA! All of the 2011 dates were just launched at – RCF will be back in LA in July + December, so hopefully we will see you again!

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