We’re Getting Serious

My blog and I… we’re getting serious.

It all started as a fling. My interest was piqued and my heart was stolen. The ideas and inspirations are endless.  I have been posting for almost a year now and I’m ready to take this thing to the next level.

I even took an e course on blogging by one of my favorite reads, A Beautiful Mess. I have spent some time figuring out what I enjoy writing about and what I want this space to be. Here are some of the features that you can come to expect here.

Rags over Riches

Showing the world that I can make it for cheaper and that I would actually prefer rags.

Handmade gifts rock

(so do the people who get them)

Showcasing handmade gifting and the awesome people for whom they were made.

The Adventures of Craft Girl

Solving everyday dilemmas with some good ol’ creative heroism.

Thrifting Thursday

While I admit this isn’t the most original of features, I can’t help sharing my best finds. Plus, now I have an excuse to thrift every week!

Project Restyle

Some of the gals over at Red Velvet Art have asked their blogging buddies to share in this DIY resolution. I jumped on that bandwagon so fast! Here are the details.

I’m really hoping that this will be a place you all come back to again and again.


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