2011… Here I come!


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This just feels like a really important year for me. I feel like I’m sitting right on the ledge of some amazing things.The past few years have been a struggle for me in many ways and I feel like I’m finally on the right path and headed in the right direction. I know I’m not supposed to have it all figured out by the ripe ol’ age of 25, but there is still this feeling like now that I know what I want my life to look like, I feel as if I have wasted so much time going down the wrong path and focusing on the wrong things.  I have had this lingering feeling of discontent and void for such a long time that it is exciting to feel the tinge of purpose. Just to be clear, I don’t feel as if i have made any catastrophic mistakes in which I have to turn around, go back and start over… I’m just taking a new direction.  Being that I’m a self-proclaimed list maker, here are some goals that I look forward to crossing off this year.

1. Listening  to God’s voice in my life and relinquishing control.

It is so easy to focus on what I think and what I know that muting out and sometimes ignoring God’s plans becomes a habit.  I need to refocus on him and get better at listening. I need to remember that my opinions, paradigm and thoughts are based off of my perception and ability to see, which is ever so limited. I know that I’m missing out on something amazing and beautiful for my life by trying to be in control all of the time.

2. Be the best wife EVER!

It is appropriate that my second goal has to do with my marriage; God first, marriage second. The best way to have the best marriage is to be the partner that your partner would want to have. Focusing on the inside-out. I adore my husband and keeping our relationship as an intentional priority means that we can continue to share year after year of wedded bliss.

3. Be bold

Knowing what you need to do and actually doing it are two completely different things. This year and in the years to come, I want to be bold enough to make the right decisions even if they’re the hardest ones to make. I want to take risks that mean I might fail, but never having to say “what if.”

4. Be patient

One of my major character flaws is lack of patience. Once I have made up my mind on anything, I never want to wait. I always feel stuck and anxious having to wait out the appropriate time to move on something. This year and in the years to come I will work on waiting.  “Do today what others won’t so that tomorrow you can have what others don’t.” The best things take time and hard work.

5. Focus on healthy living

I have always had a mindset of health. I can’t say that I have done the best job following through lately. I have put a ton of things on the back burner. No more. I will go back to the days of meal planning and home cooking. Whole, clean foods and more frequent visits to the gym. There will  more bike rides and  outdoor ventures. I will remove things that are toxic to me and my household.

6. Work on clear and strategic goals for my business and brand

The past year I have come into my own and discovered a whole creative community that I never realized even existed. I have learned a lot about myself over this past year and now I’m ready to take what I have learned and apply it. I dream big and I’m ready to live big. I will be launching a shop, taking this blog seriously and moving myself bit by bit towards owning my own space. I will give myself professional credit that I know I deserve. I know that I have a serious tool box of knowledge and I’m ready to use it.

7. Give like I have never given before

I will focus on giving selflessly and outside my comfort zone. My time, money and resources are needed by someone else far more than by me.

8. Keep my car clean

I suck at this. It is always a mess and its embarrassing.

9. Read more

I love to read and yet I spend more time doing other things that I don’t love as much. Silly. I want to discover new books and stories that I have been putting off. Maybe I’ll even start that book club I have been talking about.

10.  Sharpen my skills and learn a ton

There are so many things that I have discovered a love for by teaching myself. Trail and error have been my greatest teachers, but they can only take me so far. I am ready to get some formal training. I will take classes and  workshops to get over some creative and professional obstacles.

I whole-heartedly am looking forward to what this year will bring and I’m can’t wait to reap the benefits of my commitment to these goals. I would love to hear what you’re planning on doing this year.



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3 responses to “2011… Here I come!

  1. mal

    all very good goals to have!

  2. Mom

    I am glad to see you have your priorities in order… atleast the most important of the list, the first two…. I am and always have been very proud of you. Don’t worry, be happy! Ok that just popped into my head… random DUH!
    Love you!! Rock on 2011… Sara is blazing a path….

  3. Wow.. thanks mom. By the way, I love that you logged in as “Mom.” Hilarious.

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