October Birthday Projects Part 1

I LOVE birthdays! I always have. There is just something so special about having one day out of the whole year to celebrate the birth of someone you love. What could be greater that making someone feel special just for being alive and sharing life with you?

I always have big ideas when it comes to gifts and pride myself of picking something that the recipient will not only love, but will make them feel like someone took the time to know them.

It just so happens that October is the birth month for many people I love.

First up is my friend Katie.

We met at while working at Target and it was wonderful to click with someone so quickly. We have a ton in common and I adore her company and friendship. We have spent many lunch breaks together and have had plenty of time to talk about great food and with that, the great carriers of that food. Katie needed a lunch box as her plastic bag just didn’t do her lunch any sort of justice. Problem solved, I decided to make one especially for her.

This year was Sean’s 30th Birthday! This just may be the most important October birthday ever!!!

This milestone birthday created a big opportunity for me. As he was born in 1980, there was no better option than to throw an 80’s party! I decided to go all out and rent out the skating rink and invite everyone to join our private party in the best 80’s outfit they could come up with.

There were some great costumes and we had a blast! I really think I’m going to start skating more. I forgot how much I loved it although it totally brought back all kinds of memories from around the 6th grade.

I even attempted a Rubik’s Cube cake… I’m no Ace of Cakes, but it tasted good and you get the point:)

I had to make Sean something that made him feel extra special and would be something that he would keep forever. I really love at journaling/scrapbooking, so I opted for a creative little book to remind him of some of the reasons I think he is terrific.

Here are some of my favorite pages.

I’ll be back soon with more October birthday projects and the people who’s birth is worth celebrating.


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