T-Shirt Makeover

I came across a few T-shirts that I really liked for really cheap, but they were way too big. I went ahead and picked them up despite the size and decided to redesign them into something else.

Blue T-Shirt Before

I flipped the shirt inside out and cut off the sleeves.

I cut off the very bottom all the way around.

I cut off the top underneath the neck of the shirt. I noticed that the top would bunch due to the design I chose and would make the words on the top of the shirt illegible, so I attached another piece of scrap fabric to the top as to extend the bunching away from the words. Then folded the top down and made a zig-zag stitch towards the bottom of the flap.

Lastly, I took the bottom that I cut off earlier and put it though the top loop creating the tie. Here is the final product.

Blue T-Shirt After

Cream T-Shirt Before

First I cut off the sleeves.

Then I cut a straight line from under the arm to the other side of the neck.

I found some coordinating fabric and cut it into 4 long strips. Next I braided the strips about halfway using two of the strips as one.

Next, I sewed the braided end to the back of the shirt.

Then I pinned the other side to the front of the shirt.

I added buttons to each strip in coordinating colors.

Cream T-Shirt After

I think that I could have spent more time on these and given them more of a finished look, but over all I am pretty happy with the transformation.



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3 responses to “T-Shirt Makeover

  1. Meredith

    totally stealing this idea, it’s amazing! I love the button detail!

  2. Looks great! I love your color choices for the strips and buttons!

    How has this shirt lasted through washing…and what does it look like in the back?

    • Hi there…
      Thank you so much! The strips have frayed edges and I was clearly in a hurry. If I were to do this one over again, I would have definitely sewn the edges in so it is more clean and doesn’t fray. The back has the strips braided and sewn to the back of the shirt, if that makes sense. P.S… I have moved my blog over to chickswhogiveahoot.com and I would love it if you would visit me over there 🙂 Talk to you again soon.

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