Etsy Craft Party

In honor of Etsy’s birthday, I’m hosting a craft party this Friday!

Crafters and  Do-it-yourselfers all around the country will be celebrating and I want in on the fun.  I have put together this list of things you will need for our crafting fun.

  • A CD that you don’t listen to or want
  • Fishing wire
  • Ribbon in your favorite color
  • A picture frame (preferably with a flat surface)
  • Fashion magazines (these will be cut up)
  • A clear glass plate, cup or tray, etc
  • Any clip art, pictures, text, colorful paper
  • 3 pieces of different colored felt

Bring something delicious to share and your craft supplies, I will provide the rest of the stuff we need. The festivities begin at 7pm. I hope you all can make it 🙂


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