Who gives a hoot?

My wonderful Grandpa got me a planner for Christmas last year. He must have somehow knew that I always have a planner to schedule my life and would need one for the year. What he didn’t know is that I prefer to carry around something with a little bit more personality. I don’t know…the whole corporate look was too boring.

So, I came up with the brilliant idea to create a cover for it.

My mom bought me these vintage quilt pieces that I have been dying to use for something. I adore the fabrics and wish that I had yards of all of them. Since I don’t have enough pieces to make a quilt or the desire to start such a large endeavor right now, I decided to use some of them for this project. This way I could carry those beautiful patterns around all day.  Plus I love the idea of using materials in ways other than their original purpose.

I took my favorite fabric  combination and cut them out of the circles.

I needed to make a base for the cover as the fabric pieces were still in a curved shape and wouldn’t cover the entire planner without overlapping too much. Plus, many of the fabrics are delicate and thin which wouldn’t hold up. I used a white fabric that I had to serve as the base. I measured the planner and sewed a cover to fit around the outside.

Next, I arranged the fabric pieces on the cover in a way that I liked. Then I pinned them all to the white cover and sewed around each piece using a pretty leaf stitch.

When I finished, I thought that it needed something solid to break up all the patterns. I cut out a  little owl out of felt and gave him fabric yo yo eyes with buttons and used some more of the quilt pieces for the wings.

It is super home-made looking and I love it.


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