Spirit West Coast 2010

Sean and I had the amazing opportunity to go to Spirit West Coast Christian Music Festival in the beautiful Del Mar California a few weeks ago. We had been looking forward to this for months and I was so excited that everything worked out as planned and we made it out there. We were able to work at the  Extreme Faith Productions booth in exchange for our passes into the festival. I am so grateful as we more than likely wouldn’t have been able to attend with out their gracious offer. The drive from Phoenix wasn’t at all bad and we arrived to set up camp before any of the major acts took the stage. The beautiful California coastal weather greeted us and stayed the entire time.

We could see the beach from the fairgrounds!

Here is our camp space.

This food vendor blew my mind. It was the running joke of the entire weekend.

There were prayer circles all over the place.

Extreme Faith Productions booth that we worked at. There were a ton of signed guitars and CDs that were a part of the silent auction benefiting 3 different charities.


Manic Drive


Family Force 5

We had so much fun. The music was great and FF5 rocked my world for the 2nd time. Outside of the music and much needed mini vacation, there was such a feeling of peace and renewal there. I’m not sure that I expected to be so impacted by my time there, but I know that God used this trip to encourage me and renew my spirit. I can’t begin to articulate the difference that I felt being isolated in such an environment. The entire 3 days, I didn’t seem to have the anxiety and discouragement that can plague me from time to time. I am so grateful for the time we spent there. I know that we will find our way back next year.


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