Someone Special

How do you tell someone they are special to you?

I personally like home-made things. There is nothing like a personalized gift to show someone how much they mean to you. Money, even if you have it, can’t replace the time and thought.

Here are the details from one of my recent projects…

I love to scrapbook, but those supplies and pictures can make some other awesome projects. I really liked the idea of a card with tons of space and thought up this fold over design.

First start with a large piece of card stock.

Then measure 9 equal squares to make a grid like this one.

Then cut out the corners of the grid.

Decide how you would like the card to lay and fold each side over one another. You may have to trim some of the sides to make sure that they all lay flat.

Next… decorate each side. I like it when there is theme that runs through the whole thing to tell a story as you open each page.

Here is the one I came up with.

I have lots of special someones. One of those is my Ashes. We have been side by side ever since we met in 8th grade when she copied my English homework. We have made so many memories together and she is super special to me. She also is one that I know embraces my creativity and appreciates my little gestures such as this scrapbook valentine. Ash and I have seen a ton of concerts together and music has always been something that we identify with. I decided on a music and time theme.

The cover I made a little girly, I mean it is a valentine!

I loved the idea of time here.

Here I typed up some of the many memories that we have had together.

Here is where the music comes in as I included some lyrics from songs that bring back memories or just make me think of her.

This fold out is just my little note to her and another great picture.

Here is the whole thing opened up.

More song lyrics.

Here is the final inside.

I really enjoyed putting this together and I know that it was appreciated.



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2 responses to “Someone Special

  1. Ash

    love love love.

  2. wow, this is a beautiful gift! 😉 nice idea!

    xoxo trine

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