Oh Phoenix, how I love thee…

What a wonderful day I have had.

Sean went camping with some friends just outside of Strawberry and left me all alone for the weekend. I was kinda expecting to just to hang around at home, read and pretty much keep to myself. My plans changed quickly. Last minute I decided to check out first Friday in downtown Phoenix. It has been so long since I made a point to go. I forgot how much I loved it. There is something exciting and special to me about being in that sort of environment. I so much enjoy looking at the art, talking to the artists about their work and most of all getting new ideas and inspiration. I always come away from there thinking, I could do half of those things myself. I visited one booth that was selling small felt flower clips and selling them for $8. I just wanted to get home with some felt and my sewing machine as fast as possible to make them for myself. I also stopped by a booth where the woman was selling vintage inspired aprons and appliquéd pieces. I just bought this book not that long ago and have been dying to make some of my own. They were sooo cute, but I feel so much pride and accomplishment when I make things myself. Maybe I should get my own booth.

Saturday, I continued my endeavor at the Phoenix Street Fair with some wonderful friends. There were vendors of all kinds lined up 7th Ave in the Melrose District of Downtown Phoenix. On the streets there are also many vintage stores. How did I not know about these places? I have lived in Arizona for years and I feel like I have secluded my self into this little corner of the world and rarely ventured out, shame on me. What a wonderful place I live and I have not dared to seek it out. I feel silly and yet so excited.

Here are some of the places that I went.


We were greeted with some beads at the door. This place was certainly something to look at. They had things from floor to ceiling and I could never have seen all that was in that place. The furniture in there was incredible. There were also many antiques that made you feel like you were glancing back in time. Their prices were fair, but I really am a bargain hunter and they were slightly out of my price range. I did find this antique lock that was from the 1800’s and it made me think of Sean. I’m pretty sure he would have gotten a kick out of it.

Melrose Vintage

Oh this place is a scrap booker’s paradise. They had more supplies and ideas in that place then I could soak in. I wondered around for as long as my friends could stand and finally had to settle on some paper. Here is what I bought. I really was drawn to these as they were patters that I had not seen before.

Retro Ranch

Oh I will be back to this place for sure. It very well could be my favorite place we went to. I loved everything in this place and I didn’t feel over whelmed like I can in some vintage stores. I feel like I got to see everything. It was set up in a way that was comfortable and inviting. The people were so friendly and excited to talk to you about all of the things in the shop, even if you were only there to look. They had a large clothing section that I could have easily spent hours in, but I didn’t even start to look as I was afraid that I would be left behind. I very much appreciate my friends being so patient as I walked around in awe. I met the woman who owns the clothing section. Her things are also available online at www.lollypopvintage.com.

One of the last places we visited was just a booth. It was Annie Boomer Vintage and the women there were so kind. This is where I found my big purchase of the day and simply fell in love. It was here that I bought a vintage Samsonite Train Case. Oh la la. I have wanted something like it for years and they have always been out of my price range. I also got some of these great little head scarves, super cute and just my style.  Oh Annie, how I am glad that we crossed paths and you can be sure that we will meet again.

Here are all of the wonderful purchases I made.

Here is a peek at our day.

Katie and Anastasia

Mackenzie and I are all ready in our “fancy” sunglasses

Katie is Mackenzie’s favorite person

Mackenzie found a vintage prize of her own

Oh the classic cars were something to look at

Hot mama Amanda and her baby girl

There was even Joan the, not-so-friendly, face painter

We then headed back East and ate at Byblos in Tempe. They have wonderful Mediterranean food and belly dancers to boot. Just don’t be in a hurry when you go. It was put well when it was said that it is like visiting a friend’s house for dinner. You are on their schedule. We bolted out of there as soon as our bill was paid as we were running late only to realize that I took the signed copy of the receipt and left the customer copy. We had to go back. Grrrr.

We arrived at Mesa Arts Center 10 minutes into Blithe Spirit. I was a bit embarrassed, but swallowed my anxiety and found seats. The play was delightful and hilarious. The black box theater was the perfect intimate set up for the show. Plus I was in the front row. I love being close enough to see the spit fly from the actors mouth as they project their voice. You can buy tickets to the show at www.mesaartscenter.com and the show is on until March 20th.

Now that it is pouring rain, I’m so happy that I got a chance to be outside yesterday. I was beautiful and the perfect way to spend the day. Oh Phoenix, I will be back again soon.



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2 responses to “Oh Phoenix, how I love thee…

  1. Mesa Arts Center

    Thanks for the post, Sarah! We are glad you enjoyed Blithe Spirit.

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